Scalp Micropigmentation is the fastest growing sector of the billion dollar Hair Loss Industry, and for good reason – IT SIMPLY WORKS! It is just a matter of time until there will be at least one SMP Artist in every hair transplant clinic around the world.  This is the goal of Costantino Barbone and The Scalp Micropigmentation Center (SMC).
SMC offers three different types of SMP Treatments to clients:
Scalp Micropigmentation, or SMP, is the process of adding thousands of pigmented, simulated hair follicles to the upper dermis of the skin of the scalp to give bald or balding men or women the look of a freshly shaved head of hair.

SMP HD™ (Hair Density) SMP HD gives men and women with thinning hair, the look of a denser, thicker, fuller head of hair, similar to the results of adding powders or fibers to the hair; however, SMP is more permanent and is maintenance free. 

SMP SC™ (Scar Camouflage) Clients who have undergone a hair transplant, now or in the past, can now come back to have their scar camouflaged within their own hair follicles, or within their own hair. The white of the scar is no longer visible, and can be camouflaged up to 100%.

1)    Scalp Micropigmentation compliments any Hair Transplant Treatment.

Scalp Micropigmentation works hand in hand with clients who undergo hair transplant surgery. From the hundreds of clients that we have treated that have had a hair transplant, the same complaints or issues arise during the consultation: 1) Hair is too thin 2) Scar is visible
Hair is too thin
You can increase your clients’ satisfaction rate by adding SMP as part of the treatment, or offering SMP after the treatment. SMC offers SMP HD (Hair Density) treatments, which again, adds thousands of simulated, pigmented hair follicles to the upper dermis of the skin of the scalp. This darkens the scalp, and gives the appearance of a fuller, thicker, denser head of hair. The client will have no need to add any powders or fibers, however, powders and fibers can still be used during special occasions, and such, to give the client even more volume.
Scar is visible
Whether the client has undergone FUT or FUE, or a combination of both, by providing an SMP SC (Scar Camouflage) treatment, we are able to camouflage the clients scar either within their own hair follicles, if they decide to completely shave their head and have the look of a buzz cut, or, we are able to camouflage the scar within their own hair by darkening the scar with a pigment that matches their hair color. Even if the client had a very successful hair transplant treatment, the major concern for each client is a) when they get a haircut, and the white of the scar is visible for a week or two, or b) once they age and their hair thins or they decide to keep their hair short, the scar is now fully visible. SMP SC is the best and only treatment to fully camouflage the scar and increase client satisfaction, increase their self-esteem and increase their body image.
2)    Scalp Micropigmentation can add extra revenue to your office

Currently the average price for a full frontal and upper crown treatment of SMP or SMP HD (Hair Density) is approx. $3500 CDN or $3000 USD. SMP SC (Scar Camouflage) can run anywhere between $1500 to $3000, depending on the size of the scar. This may seem high to some, however, once you speak to a client and add up all the modalities that they currently use to cover their thinning hair, bald spot or scar, you will find that SMP is actually much cheaper in the long run.
A simple comparison of Powders and Fibers vs SMP shows the difference:
Powders and Sprays                       

Must be applied daily   

15min – 45min to apply

Makes a mess in the bathroom

Comes off with water

Can’t go swimming

Upkeep during the day

Stains pillows, etc


Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP, SMP HD, SMP SC)

Three treatments and yearly maintenance

Nothing to apply after SMP completed

No mess in the bathroom

Does not come off with water

Can go swimming

No upkeep

Does not stain pillows

This does not include the cost of other modalities the client may be using, such as: Rogaine, Propecia, PRP, LLLT, etc. This also doesn’t include the emotional stress these products place on the client on a daily basis, nor their side effects.

Once these facts are brought up to our clients, our closing rate is 80%+. However, each office can offer discounts to clients who also undergo hair transplant surgery, and combine the modalities. We also give discounts when the client wants both SMP HD and SMP SC.

Recurring revenue is another reason why Hair Transplant Clinics will want to offer SMP, SMP HD and SMP SC on their menu.  SMC’s proprietary blend of pigments last between 1-3 years, with the average client coming back once a year for touchups.  Once the pigment starts to fade from a black to a light grey, most client return once a year to have a touchup.  Most hair transplant clinics have the “one and done” client.  They have a hair transplant that was either successful, or not successful, and usually they do not see the client again.  SMP allows you to have a client return for more treatments, and the opportunity to upsell them on other new and upcoming procedures that you may offer.

Hair Transplant clinics don’t need to spend a lot of money on advertising, marketing or promoting SMP, because you already have a large client base.  SMC can show you how to send a simple email to all your clients from the past and present whom have had a hair transplant, and you will be fully booked within months and hiring or training more SMP Artists.

SMC trains Doctors, Nurses, Hair Transplant Techs, PMU Artists, Tattoo Artists, and other technicians in the skin and skin care industry because they already have a background in skin anatomy. Hair Transplant techs can remain busy all year round with HT surgeries, or by conducting SMP treatments on clients in the office. SMC trains in house, online or we are able to travel to your office to train all your techs at once in a 3-4 day intensive course. The students would receive their online training and kit, and 4 weeks later we would hold the intensive training course in your office, or at our training location in Toronto, Ontario.
Once the Doctor, Nurse or HT Tech completes the course, they will receive a Certificate of Completion and will become an SMP Artists certified by SMC.

4)    Why Choose SMC For Your Scalp Micropigmentation Training.

Scalp Micropigmentation goes by many names including: SMP, Scalp Tattoo, Hair Tattoo, Hair Follicle Replication, Hair Follicle Simulation, etc. However, this treatment is still classified under Permanent Makeup. SMC’s stance is that SMP is not a tattoo and not permanent makeup, but really is a hybrid of the two treatments. We are working hard to come up with standards in the industry, but until then you must understand that although there may be different names for Scalp Micropigmentation, not all treatments are the same. SMC prides itself in having studied all aspects of the industry, and coming up with SMP Certified Equipment solely used for the purpose of Scalp Micropigmentation.
We have worked with Dermatologists, Hair Transplant Surgeons and Trichologists in order to come up with the most advanced online SMP Training Program in the world.  We also include continuing education for all our SMP Students, and we promote them to different levels, allowing all our students to achieve a Master status in the industry, and to become an industry expert.
The Scalp Micropigmentation Center not only conducts hundreds of SMP treatments per year, but they are the leaders in training future SMP Artists. Our SMP Training program focuses on the the main points of SMP, which are:
1) Proper SMP Training
There are a variety of SMP training program out there, but most rely on Tattoo and PMU equipment, while SMC produces their own SMP Certified Needles and Inks for the sole purpose of conducting an SMP Treatment. Our SMP Training program has been developed by our Master SMP Artist who has worked years in the industry, and was very disappointed in the lack of training and equipment used in todays SMP treatments, thus, we developed our own. We only use these tools on our clients, and we only sell these tools to our students, thus, there are no other SMP Certified Equipment in the market, unless you see our SMC Seal of Approval – then you know it is genuine.
2) SMP Power Source
This is an important part of the SMP treatment, as the power source needs to be powerful enough to drive the needle cleanly through the first layer of skin. If you are using a PMU machine, chances are you are getting a lot of blow outs because those machines do not have enough power, and are used for Permanent Makeup, not Scalp Micropigmentation.
3) SMP Machine
The machine must have the correct settings on it, and a regular PMU or Rotary Pen cannot be used to complete a proper SMP treatment because, if you are using the proper power source, rotary pens would not be able to handle the kind of power needed to complete a proper SMP Treatment. We are partnered with Cheyenne who are the best Tattoo Machine Makers in the world. Our machine is powerful enough to handle the power source, and has the correct settings to be able to drive the needle through the first layer of skin cleanly. If the machine you are using is vibrating too much, you cannot control your needle and you will get poor results.
4) SMP Needles
Again, we work with Cheyenne, who are the best needle makers in the world. Their needles are of high standards, and have no back flow. Currently, most SMP providers are using tattoo needles or permanent makeup needles. Obviously, you would want someone to use proper SMP needles, designed specifically for use in Scalp Micropigmentation. We have designed 3 types of needles that work with different skin types and different ethnicities. We only sell our SMP Certified products to our students, so you will NOT find these on kijiji, DH Gate, eBay, Amazon, or any other site. We have the patent, and SMC are the only ones to carry these specialized needles.
5) SMP Inks
Our SMP Inks or Pigments are specially formulated for SMP ONLY. Our SMP inks will not change color and are free of any carcinogens. The fear today is that other providers are using inks that are from unknown sources, or worse are permanent makeup pigments which are composed of different colors. If PMU pigments are used, they will eventually fade into their original colors, thus, your perfect brown color today, can be green tomorrow. Only used SMP Certified equipment and supplies.
The Scalp Micropigmentation Center SMP Training Program
Scalp Micropigmentation is an investment in your future and not an expense.  The cost of training is paid for by your first two to three clients.  The costs for consumables to complete 3 SMP treatments are very low.

There are Three options to choose from:

1) Online SMP Training Program

Cost of Online Training: $4,000.00, which includes:

Online SMP Training: All Lessons and Modules
Blood Borne Pathogens Certificate
SMC SMP KIT: Contains all supplies and equipment to complete SMP Training Program
Certificate of Attendance after successful completion of Online SMP Training Program
Insurance Information
Consultation Forms, Release Forms, Waivers, etc.
Ongoing Continuing SMP Training Education
Online Student Forum
Our online SMP training program allows any student with 6 months or more experience in Medicine, Nursing, Hair Transplant Technicians, PMU Artists, Tattoo Artists, Medical Estheticians, etc, to be able to learn the art of SMP or Scalp Micropigmentation at their own pace, and in the comfort of their own surroundings, with no pressure and no time limits to complete the lessons or modules, however, the whole course must be completed within 6 months.
All students must complete the SMP Online Training program. The program includes: Blood Borne Pathogens Certification, Skin and Hair Loss Lessons and Quizzes, and SMP Practice Modules. The SMP Practice modules include an online system whereby the student must submit pictures of their work to our Master SMP Artist for evaluation. Our Master SMP Artist will evaluate your work and either critique your work and ask you to resubmit your work, or pass you onto the next module.
If you do not need to attend our in-class, intensive program, then you can finish your final module which is working on a minimum of 3 clients or 20 hours of self-practice, in order to receive your Certificate of Completion. Once you receive your Certificate of Completion, you are now able to work as an Certified SMP Artist, and SMC will place you under their website, and if you decide to partner with SMC, we will start referring you clientele.
2) Online SMP Training & 3 Day Intensive SMP Training Program
Cost of Online and In-Class Training: $6000.00, which includes:

Online SMP Training, 3 Day Intensive, In-Office Training and SMC SMP KIT.

Maximum 3 Students during 3 Day Intensive Training Sessions
Online SMP Training: Lessons and Modules
Blood Borne Pathogens Certificate
SMC SMP KIT: Contains all supplies and equipment to complete SMP Training Program
Certificate of Attendance after successful completion of Online SMP Training Program
Insurance Information
Consultation Forms, Release Forms, Waivers, etc.
Review of Online Training Lessons and Modules
3 Day Intensive, In-Office Training
Hand’s On Training on Live Models
Live Practice on a Variety of Clients Daily
Answering Questions, Concerns, Issues, Problem Solving, Corrections
Consultations and Aftercare
Sanitation and Cross Contamination
Setting Up Your Workstation
Ongoing Continuing SMP Training Education
This option is for those students who have under 6 months of experience in Tattoo, PMU, Medical Esthetics, or any other medical or non-medical related education. It’s advisable to take our 3 day, intensive, SMP Training Program. This program consists of no more than 3 students at a time for maximum exposure and learning. In the 3 day course, our students will review the online training program and any difficulties they may have had. We will go over every step of the process from Consultations to Aftercare, from SMP to SMP HD and practice on a variety of clients. This program is to ensure that you are ready, willing and confident enough to be able to practice the art of SMP on your own on live clients. Once you pass this course, you must still complete your final module, which is to self-practice on a minimum of 3 clients or 20 hours of working on a scalp. Once you complete and pass the final module, you will receive your Certificate of Completion, and are now a Certified SMP Artist. You can add this modality to your current business, or start a new SMP business, or you can partner with SMC, and we will refer our clients to you.
Your In-Office training program will be booked 4-6 weeks after your payment for online training is received. This will give you ample time to complete the online portion of the program before coming to our in-office program.

This option has limited days and times per month, so book this option early by calling 1-844-877-2257 or sending us an email at to let us know that you are interested in one on one or two-on-one training.

 3) Group Training Program (8 or more) – 3 Day Training Program
Cost of Group Training: $2000 per Person (Training ONLY. Each Student Must Pay and Complete online SMP training Course)

If you are a Hair Transplant Clinic, Medical Clinic, Medical Spa, etc, and are looking to train all your staff members, or staff members from different locations, then we can come to your clinic or rent a space in order to properly train a large group (maximum of 8 people per training session).

We are able to travel anywhere in the world to complete this training, however, the cost of the flight and accommodations will be billed to the group. As well, we are able to train groups in Toronto, but if your location is not big enough to accommodate the training, we can find a facility big enough, and bill the group accordingly.
For more information and details about our SMP Training Program, Hair Tattoo Training Program or Scalp Tattoo Training Program, please visit us at:

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