Scalp Micropigmentation Training Overview

Scalp Tattoo, Hair Tattoo, Scalp Tricopigmentation and Hair Follicle Simulation, are different names to describe the same procedure of Scalp Micropigmentation, which is the process of adding thousands of simulated, pigmented hair follicles to the skin of the scalp in order to give bald people the look of a freshly shaved head of hair, or what we call a buzz cut.  This same process can be used to give Men and Women with thinning hair or bald spots the appearance of a thicker, fuller head of hair, by covering the scalp and not being able to see through the thinning hair.  As well, this technique can be utilized to camouflage scars on the scalp due to injury, surgery or hair transplants.  SMC is able to camouflage scars within the clients own hair, or create simulated hair follicles within the scar to camouflage the scar in the clients own real hair follicles.

Although there are different names for the same procedure, not all procedures are the same.  Because SMP is relatively new, there are many untrained, or poorly trained technicians in the industry using the wrong needles, wrong pigment and wrong equipment to conduct a proper SMP treatment.

SMC offers the best SMP training in the world, simply because we have proven results, as evident by our REAL before and after pictures and client videos.  We use the same technique, same needles, same pigments/inks, and same SMP Certified equipment on every client, and thus, we expect the same positive results, no matter which SMC clinic you attend.

What SMC Offers That Makes Them The Best SMP Training Program In The World?

In order to conduct a proper SMP treatment, each SMC Artist must have the following:

Scalp Micropigmentation Online TrainingSMP Training

Without proper SMP training, needless to say that you will not be able to conduct a proper SMP treatment.  You will need to understand the basics of this art form, as well as have knowledge of skin anatomy, hair loss, hair loss treatments, depth, density, hair lines, hair line build outs, hair density, scar camouflage, etc.  SMC offers an intensive online and/or in-office training program that allows the student to take their time in learning this technique.  The student is not able to move on to the next section without first passing quizzes, exams, and submitting practice pictures during the module stages of the program.  If more practice is necessary, our Master SMP Artist will assist you in each step of the way.  Once you have fully completed the course, and passed all exams and modules, will you have the opportunity to receive your Certificate of Completion as an SMP Artist.  We take this course very seriously, and if SMC is going to put their name on a Certificate, then clients will know that that person is FULLY qualified to complete an SMP Treatment.


SMP Power Source

This is an important part of the SMP treatment, as the power source needs to be powerful enough to drive the needle cleanly through the first layer of skin.  If you are using a PMU machine, chances are you are getting a lot of blow outs because those machines do not have enough power, and are used for Permanent Makeup, not Scalp Micropigmentation.



SMP Machine

The machine must have the correct settings on it, and a regular PMU or Rotary Pen cannot be used to complete a proper SMP treatment because, if you are using the proper power source, rotary pens would not be able to handle the kind of power needed to complete a proper SMP Treatment.  We are partnered with Cheyenne who are the best Tattoo Machine Makers in the world.  Our machine is powerful enough to handle the power source, and has the correct settings to be able to drive the needle through the first layer of skin cleanly.  If the machine you are using is vibrating too much, you cannot control your needle and you will get poor results.

SMP Needles

Again, we work with Cheyenne, who are the best needle makers in the world.  Their needles are of high standards, and have no back flow.  Currently, most SMP providers are using tattoo needles or permanent makeup needles.  Obviously, you would want someone to use proper SMP needles, designed specifically for use in Scalp Micropigmentation.  We have designed 3 types of needles that work with different skin types and different ethnicities.  We only sell our SMP Certified products to our students, so you will NOT find these on kijiji, DH Gate, eBay, Amazon, or any other site.  We have the patent, and SMC are the only ones to carry these specialized needles.



SMP Inks/Pigment Scalp Micropigmentation Inks and Needles for SMP

Our SMP Inks or Pigments are specially formulated for SMP ONLY.  We do not use permanent makeup pigments or tattoo inks.  Our SMP inks will not change color and are free of any carcinogens.  The fear today is that other providers are using inks that are from unknown sources, or worse are permanent makeup pigments which are composed of different colors.  If PMU pigments are used, they will eventually fade into their original colors, thus, your perfect brown color today, can be green or blue tomorrow.  Only use SMP Certified equipment and supplies.
IF any of the above points are not perfect, then you cannot get a perfect result – every, single, treatment.  If you use the wrong needles, you will get poor results.  If you use the right needles, but wrong ink/pigment, then you will get poor results.  If you use the right needle and ink/pigment, but the wrong machine, you will get poor results.  If everything is correct, but you still get poor results, then that leads back to training.  So you see, each SMC student must perfect each and every point above, and that is why SMC offers the best training, because we ensure that you meet or exceed all expectations.



Why is SMP Training perfection important to SMC?

Because SMC is putting our name and values on your Certificate of Completion as an SMP Artist.  As well, clients are coming to you for help, and SMC wants to ensure that you are fully qualified to complete the treatment.  Our clients expect the best of our SMP Artists, and expect perfection.  Thus, we must ensure that each SMP Artist for SMC is fully qualified to conduct a proper SMP Treatment.  If you are going to use our name, then you must be able to perform any SMP treatment at a high level.


Scalp Micropigmentation Training Options

We have three training options available to our students. 



  1. SMP Online Training Program

  3. SMP Online Training Program and a 2 Day In-Office Live Model Practicum

  5. 4 Day In-Office Training Program (Including Live Model Practice)


Online SMP Training Program

Our Online SMP Training Program is a step-by-step course which includes two sections: Lessons and Modules.


Firstly, our students must complete the Lessons portion of the program before being able to more ahead to the Practice Modules.  The lessons teach new and experienced students about Skin, Skin Care, Skin Anatomy, Hair, Hair Loss, Hair Loss Treatments, SMP, Color Theory, Needle Theory, etc.

The Lessons include quizzes at the end of each section, and then a final exam at the end of the Lessons Course.


Once the student has successfully completed the Lessons portion of the SMP program, they are now able to move onto the practice modules.  These Modules have three components: Video, Text and Pictures.  From experience, each student is different in the way the way they are able to learn, some students are visual, some like to read, others like to see pictures in order to grasp the idea.  SMC has provided all three systems.  Firstly, the student watches the video on  the subject.  Secondly, there is text that the student can read in order to follow step by step instructions, and lastly, there are pictures for the student to know what exactly the work that they are to hand in should look like.

This step-by-step process works for all students, all backgrounds, and any age.  Once you have completed the work and submitted all your modules for evaluation, then our SMP Master Artist will send you your Certificate Of Completion.

What does the Online SMP Training Program consist of?

Our Online SMP Training Program consists of the following:  Lessons and Modules.  As well, all SMP training options at SMC include your SMP KIT, which will be mailed out to you, as soon as you complete your registration and payment for the selected training course.

SMP KIT Includes:

1 x SMP Certified Machine
1 x SMP Certified Power Source
4 x SMP Certified Needles
1 x SMC Charcoal Black Ink
1 x SMC Medium Black Ink
1 x SMC Soft Black Ink
1 x Depth Practice Sheet
4 x Ink Wells
1 x Mannequin Head
12 x HeadLine Stencils
2 x Synthetic Practice Skin
4 x Disposable Grips  

Lessons include:

Skin Anatomy
Hair Anatomy
Types of Hair Loss
Hair Loss Treatments
Scalp Micropigmentation
Hair Density
Inks and Pigments
Power Sources
Wound Healing
Scalp Conditions
Hair Loss in Men
Hair Loss in Women
Hair Transplants
Process and Procedures
Operational Procedures
BBP Review
Facility and Equipment


Modules Include:

Assembling Your Equipment
Needle Depth Practice
Hair Density Practice
Hair Line Drawing
Hair Line Build Out Practice
Hair Line Density Practice (Hard Line vs Soft Line)
Using Headline Stencils
Practicing Depth and Density
Practicing Density
Final Exam on Frank (Mannequin Head)


Online SMP Training Program and 2 Day In-Office SMP Training Combo

We offer an online SMP Training program and a 2 Day In-Office SMP Training Program combination for those who have experience in the industry but are not comfortable with online training, and want more practice on actual clients, and to be able to be supervised by a Master SMP Artist.  

This SMP Online and In-Office program combo involves the student taking the online SMP training course, and then 4-6 weeks later attending our In-Office SMP Training program.

The Student would take our Online SMP Training Course as described above, as well as our In-Office Program which includes the following sample itinerary:

Day 1

Review of SMP, SMP HD and SMP SC
Mechanics of Scalp Micropigmentation
Setting Up and Breaking Down Your Work Station
Hands on Practice on Live Models (SMP)

Day 2

Review Day 1
Live Consultations
Hands on Practice on Live Model (SMP HD)
Hands on Practice on Live Model (SMP SC)
Question and Answer Session
Certificate Of Completion Awarded


4 Day In-Office Training Program

This program is for students that want a complete hands-on experience with our Master SMP Artist.

Our Master SMP Artist starts and completes the whole program from Theory to working on Live Models with each and every students.  You have their undivided attention, and you will be able to work with them for the whole 4 days of training.


4 Day SMP (In-Class) Training Schedule


Day 1

MORNING  SESSION (10am – 1pm)

Intro to Scalp Micropigmentation

Intro to Hair Loss and Hair Loss Treatments

Intro to SMC techniques and standards


Scalp Micropigmentation Needles

Scalp Micropigmentation Inks

Scalp Micropigmentation Machines

Client Consultation

Pain Control

Pre-Care and After-Care

LUNCH 1pm – 1:30pm

AFTERNOON SESSION  (1:30pm – 5pm)

Setting up your SMP Machine

Depth on Paper (Practice)

Depth and Density on Melon (Practice)

Hair Line Drawing (Practice)



Day 2

MORNING  SESSION (10am – 1pm)

Review Homework

Intro to Density

Density on fake skin (Practice)

Hair Line Buildout (Practice)

LUNCH 1pm – 1:30pm

AFTERNOON SESSION  (1:30pm – 5pm)

Setting up work station

Breaking down your work station


Day 3

MORNING  SESSION (10am – 1pm)

Review Homework

Hairline Drawing, Hairline Buildout, Adding Density to Mannequin Head (Final Exam)

LUNCH 1pm – 1:30pm

AFTERNOON SESSION  (1:30pm – 5pm)

Setting up work station

Live Model Practice

Deconstructing work station


Day 4

MORNING  SESSION (10am – 1pm) 

Review Homework

Competition, Marketing, Advertising, Pricing


LUNCH 1pm – 1:30pm

AFTERNOON SESSION  (1:30pm – 5pm)

Setting up work station

Live Model Practice

Deconstructing work station

Certificate Of Completion Awarded


What happens if I sign up and pay for the Online SMP Training Program but have been asked to take the In-Class Training or I would like to take the In-Class Training Program?

The cost of the online SMP Training program is $4000, the cost of the 2 Day In-Office SMP Training Program is $5000.  We would only charge you the difference of $1000 to take the in-class portion of the course.


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