Scalp Micropigmentation Training Course– Frequently Asked Questions



What is Scalp Micropigmentation, Hair Tattoo and Scalp Tattoo Training?

Other names for Scalp Micropigmentation by other industry professionals include: Scalp Tattoo, Hair Tattoo, Scalp Pigmentation, Head Tattoo, Medical Hairline Restoration and Hair Follicle Simulation. Although the names may differ, the treatment process is relatively the same – HOWEVER, not all TREATMENTS are the same.

Because SMP or Scalp Micropigmentation is still a relatively new and growing industry, there are no set of rules or industry standards to date.  Although SMC is working on coming up with an Association for SMP Professionals, to date this procedure falls under Permanent Makeup.

Some clinics use tattoo machines, others use permanent makeup machines, some clinics use tattoo inks, others use permanent makeup pigments, etc.  It is important to note that you, as a student and future SMP Artist, you must use SMP Certified Equipment in order to complete an SMP treatment.  This is because our SMP Certified Equipment is solely used for SMP, won’t change color, won’t create macrodots, and has the right mix of power and needle stability to be able to create the perfect microdot or simulated, pigmented hair follicle.


Why Get SMP Training At The Scalp Micropigmentation Center (SMC)?

As the name suggests, that is all that we do!  Costantino Barbone started SMC in 2014 as an SMP Artist.  He quickly became one of the leaders in the industry conducting hundreds of SMP, SMP HD and SMP SC treatments on Men and Women.

Costantino quickly realized soon after starting that the needles that were being used were not doing the job, so he studied different types of needles, and after getting disappointing results time after time, he worked with Cheyenne, the leaders in the tattoo needle industry, to come up with his own brand of needles, with different sizes to accommodate the different types of treatments.  He also came out with his own ink or pigment, that is stable and will not change color over time.  As well, the ink or pigment fades gently over time, giving the client the option to touch up the treatment area, change the color or shape of the hair line, or to let it fade completely over time.

At the beginning of 2016, Costantino spent hundreds of hours writing the SMP Manual for SMC.  This was a big feat, as he is booked 6-8 weeks with SMP treatments.  He filmed all the videos for the modules for the online SMP training program, and worked to package the SMP Kits that all students get with their training program.

Simply put, Costantino Barbone is one of the leaders in the SMP industry and his goal is to succeed and to have all of his students succeed.  He runs the SMC clinic, and invites all of his students to join the SMC family after they complete the SMP training course.


What Type of SMP Training Does SMC Offer?

We offer three  types of SMP Training: Online SMP Training Only, an Online SMP Training and In-Office SMP Training, and a 4 Day In-Office Training Program.

All the programs consist of Lessons and Modules.  Lessons are the theory behind SMP, including Skin Anatomy, Hair Anatomy, Colour Theory, etc, and Modules consist of practice work, including Paper, Fake Skin, Male and Female Mannequin Heads, and more.

The Lesson Portion of the SMP Training program includes:

Skin Anatomy
Hair Anatomy
Types of Hair Loss
Hair Loss Treatments
Scalp Micropigmentation
Hair Density
Inks and Pigments
Power Sources
Wound Healing
Scalp Conditions
Hair Loss in Men
Hair Loss in Women
Hair Transplants
Process and Procedures
Operational Procedures
BBP Review
Facility and Equipment


The Module portion of the program includes:

Your SMP Kit
Assembling Your Equipment
Needle Depth Practice
Hair Density Practice
Hair Line Drawing
Hair Line Build Out Practice
Hair Line Density Practice (Hard Line vs Soft Line)
Using Headline Stencils
Practicing Depth and Density
Practicing Density
Final Exam on Frank (Mannequin Head)


What Qualification Must I Have To Apply for The SMP Training Program?

There are no pre-requisites in order to take our SMP Training Program.

This program is a great addition to the following  professions:

Tattoo Artist

Permanent Makeup Artist

Hair Transplant Technician



Medical Esthetician

The reason why we focus on these professions is because these folks already have the background knowledge, and in some cases experience with the skin.  Their confidence and abilities are already where we need them to be.  It is much easier and faster to train someone with an existing background and knowledge of the industry, rather than train someone from scratch.  The Scalp Micropigmentation process is more of a specialty treatment, and we highly recommend that you have or receive a certificate in one of these professions. However, if you do not have a background in any of these industries, we suggest you take our 4 day In-Office training program.


How Much Does The SMC Online Training Course Cost?

The cost of the program should be considered an investment into your future.  Scalp Micropigmentation is the fastest growing sector in the hair loss industry, and is a great compliment to hair transplant clinics, as well as a more permanent solution for Men and Women who are concerned about their hair loss.

The cost of the Online SMP Program is $4000 CDN, and this price includes your SMP Training Kit, SMP Machine, SMP Inks, SMP Needles, Practice Paper, Practice Skin, Headline Stencils, etc.  Your SMP Kit includes everything you need to complete the Online SMP Course, as well as 3 SMP treatments on your own.

The cost of the Online SMP Training Program and our 2 Day In-office Live Model Practicum is $5000.  This includes all the items above, plus the student gets to practice on 4-6 models in SMP, SMP HD and SMP SC.

The cost of our 4 Day In-Office Training Program is $6000, and this includes 2 Days of Theory and Module work, and 2 Days of Live Model Practicum work, including SMP, SMP HD and SMP SC.

After completing the Online SMP Training Course, you have the option of taking our 2 Day, In-Office training program.  This one on one or small group training course is $1000 CDN, and allows you to work with our Master SMP Artist, and practice on 4-6 scalps.  The student will complete SMP, SMP HD and SMP SC treatments and obtain the confidence necessary to complete treatments on their own once they leave our office.

What  Happens If The Online SMP Training Course is Not Enough, or I Don’t Pass The Course?

If you only signed up for the Online SMP Training Course, and you feel, or our SMP Master Artist feels that you require more training, then we will ask you to either attend one of our In-Office Training Sessions, or wait until we are training in a City near you, where you will be able to attend one of our Travelling Training Sessions.

You would only pay the difference in price for the Online SMP Training Course and the In-Office SMP Training Course Combo.

Your success is our success.  If you fail, we fail.  Our goal is to ensure that all our students meet our high standards of care and be able to complete an SMP, SMP HD and SMP SC treatment on any client.


How Long Is the Online SMP Training Course?

What is nice about the Online SMP Training Course is that you determine how long it takes you to complete.  This course is NOT about speed, it is about accuracy and knowledge.  If you are a natural, or have a good background in pointillism, then you may be able to complete this course in a matter of a couple of weeks.  If, however, you are new to the industry, it may take you 6 weeks to complete the Online SMP Training Course.  Our Master SMP Artist isn’t concerned about how fast you complete the course, they care about how accurate you are in completing the course.  If you submit work that is subpar, you will be asked to redo the module.  If you submit work that seems rushed or incomplete, you will be asked to redo the module.  Thus, it is in your best interest to complete the modules as best you can, in order to move on to the next module – and finally complete the course.


What Type of Training Does SMC Offer?

SMC offers 3 types of SMP Training:

1) Online SMP Training ONLY

2) Online SMP Training and a 2 Day In-Office Live Model Training Program

3) 4 Day In-Office Training Program


I Receive My Certificate Of Completion After I Complete the Course?

If you take the Online SMP Training Course, you will need to practice on a live client before we are able to grant you a Certificate of Completion as an SMP Artist.  You will need to work on 1-3 clients, depending on your skill level, and submit photos of your work.  Once our SMP Master Artist determines that you have the required skills, then a Certificate will be granted.

If you take our Online SMP Training Course and 3 Day In-Office Training Combo, then you will be granted the Certificate Of Completion after the In-Office portion of the training program.  This is because you will be working on a variety of clients under the direct supervision of the SMP Master Artist, who will be able to assess your work at that time.  If, however, the SMP Master Artist feels that you require more time and practice, you may be asked to submit more photos of your work at a later date, and once you meet all requirements and standards, then a Certificate will be granted.


What Are the Levels an SMP Artist Can Achieve with SMC?

Once you have completed the SMP Training Program with SMC, we would like you to become part of the SMC family.  By staying with SMC you will receive continuing education and opportunities to advance within the company.  There are different levels that you can achieve over a period of time, including SMP Artist (SMP-A), SMP Master Artist (SMP-MA) and SMP Master Trainer (SMP-MT).


SMP Artist (SMP-A)

An SMP Artist is an artist that has been trained by SMC and has met all the requirements to be able to conduct SMP treatments on live clients.  This is important, because SMC believes in maintaining a high level of standards in the SMP industry and we expect that if you are going to use our name and logo, and partner with us, that all clients attending your clinic know that you are fully trained and able to complete an SMP treatment.  We want our clients to recognize our logo and that it stands for quality in craftsmanship – no matter what SMC clinic they attend in any part of the globe.


SMP Master Artist (SMP-MA)

An SMP Master Artist has worked for a minium of one year, and has completed a variety of SMP treatments on both Men and Women.  They have been evaluated by our Master Artist, and have met the high standards of SMC on a continual basis with little to no complaints.  They show off their work with pride, and are regarded as top of their tier by their peers.  Once an SMP Artist has achieved this level, they are able to use this title with pride, and be able to work with an SMP Master Trainer to move onto the next level.  Perks may include travelling with a Master Trainer and assist in Master Classes, Training Sessions, etc.


SMP Master Trainer (SMP-MT)

SMP Master Trainer is the ultimate title.  You have worked for a minimum of 2 years on Men and Women, and you’ve done a variety of different types of treatments – from SMP to Hair Strands.  You’ve learned the SMC way, and you want to move on to the next step and train future SMP Artists.  You want to travel the world and assist or train others in this art.  You want to be an innovator within the company and come up with new process and procedures.  You want to be able to train others and follow up with your students online, just as your Master Artist did with you.  You want to be able to give back and pay it forward so that you can train a future SMP Artist who can follow in your footsteps to become a future SMP Master Trainer.



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