Scalp Tattoos with a Medical Purpose

Individuals are familiar with tattoos and there are a large number of individuals who, at some point in their life, have gotten one or more somewhere on the body. This is very common to see these days so generally nothing is seen as out of the ordinary, but now there is a revolutionary technique that takes this concept and applies to the scalp to help cover scars, thinning hair and premature hair loss in men and women. This is a completely new idea from the medical community that takes a common technique and goes a bit deeper with what it can accomplish.

Some of the questions that interested clients ask are about the process, does it last, what are the side effects and can it help them. These are very reasonable and the professional experts at the Canada clinic have all the answers on the website or can answer by phone for those who don’t find what they are looking for.

The goal of Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP) is to help camouflage scars, replicate the look of hair follicles and make it appear as if hair can grow in an area where it actually cannot. For men, the ‘closely shaved’ look on the scalp is a lot different than bald both in their personal perception of their appearance and how they feel that others view them. Another use for this technique is to give the appearance that hair is growing where the area has thinned out which makes it look fuller and less noticeable. Women struggling with this issue are comfortable with this adaptation of the technique and have found that they don’t need to wear wigs after having this performed.

No matter what you are struggling with, whether it is scars that you want camouflaged or hair issues that don’t seem to get resolution with other products, this is a permanent solution that stays in place. The experienced technicians inject color into the epidermis which combines with the follicles in the skin to give the overall look of hair on the scalp. Patients can take advantage of this revolutionary new method in scar camouflage in Canada by checking out the website and finding out if they are a qualified candidate.

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