Scalp Micro Pigmentation Offers an Effective Solution for Hair Loss at the Scalp Micropigmentation Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

August 19, 2016 – Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP), the most effective solution for hair loss, is offered by one of the leading industry experts, Scalp Micropigmentation Centre (SMC) in Toronto, Canada.

SMP is an ideal process which is similar to getting a tattoo where tiny needles are utilized to add color pigments to the scalp. The size and shape of the needles resemble those of hair follicles. Although the SMP process is similar to tattoo or permanent makeup, it is, or should be in a category of its own, as Tino Barbone, CEO at SMC says “Scalp Micropigmentation is a hybrid of the two professions and techniques. SMP, however, utilizes its own set of needles and inks, but the placement of the inks is what makes this procedure a success or a fail. Only SMP certified equipment and training should be used when performing an SMP treatment on a client”.

There are various other alternatives available in the market nowadays; hair transplants, hair clubs and hair wigs being some of them. However, these alternatives have their own disadvantages as well. Hair transplants are very expensive and can leave bad scars that are absolutely not desirable. The hair clubs on the other hand can also be very costly. And lastly, hair wigs are not appropriate for they demand proper maintenance. SMP, therefore, is the only solution that provides appropriate results better than any of the alternatives available in the market.

What is SMP and How does SMP Work?

It is a highly advanced method of cosmetic pigmentation for the scalp. Maintaining hair wigs to cover the bald head is a matter of the past now. Rather, SMP has become a trend where people can flaunt their hair loss in style. It is like the process of getting a tattoo where tiny needles are used to add colored pigments to the scalp. This is an extremely intricate process with guaranteed results. But, it depends on two factors for a successful and long lasting effect and these are as follows:

  • The usage of the most up-to-date equipment
  • The treatment from experienced professionals

With SMC, people don’t have to worry about the quality of the whole procedure as they have paired up with Cheyenne, the best tattoo machine makers in the world. The tattoo machine is designed with perfection which ensures less sound, low vibrations but makes sure it’s powerful enough to cuff the small needles that are used through the skin of the scalp. Apart from providing high-quality equipment for SMP training, they also provide best Scalp Tattoo training in the world. They offer an online SMP training program, that will suit and train all types of students, from the beginner to the expert. However, if the student has 6 months or more experience in PMU, Tattoo, Medicine, Nursing, Medical Esthetics, Esthetics or Hair Styling, then you may qualify to only have to take the online training package to get your Certificate. If the student is still not confident after taking the 15 online SMP Lessons and 15 Practice Modules, or if they have less then 6 months experience in their field, then there is the option of attending a 3 day intensive, hands on SMP Training program taught by a Master SMP Artist.

The Process of SMP

At SMC, the treatment process of SMP takes place in five stages that benefit both men and women. The experts here devote a lot of time on each and every client individually to give a wholesome and satisfactory treatment to everyone. This starts from the first visit to follow-up care and treatment processes and can be broadly divided into five stages which are as follows:

1. The Consultation– The best part of this stage is that it’s an absolutely free session with Costantino Barbone, the Master Technician. This lasts between 30 minutes to 1 hour where people discuss their wants, needs and expectations. On that basis, SMC sets up the appointment for the treatments.
2.The Initial treatment– This treatment takes 4 to 5 hours which totally depend on the degree of the baldness or thinning of hair. This process starts with a new hairline and filling of the entire scalp or area of less hair.
3. The Second Treatment– This takes place 7 to 14 days after the initial treatment that has already been undertaken. It includes adding texture and density to the first treatment. This usually takes 3 to 4 hours. In this stage, they discuss the progress and also the expectations of their clients.
4. The Final Treatment– This takes place 14 – 30 days after the second treatment and requires only an hour to complete. The final treatment consists of adding more texture and density to the scalp if it’s at all needed to give a perfect look to the client. In this stage, they fulfill the original expectations.
5. The Follow Up- SMC provides 12 months guarantee and in that time span, any touch ups or any little addition is done by them.

SMC provides high-end treatment processes with guidance from industry experts and also guarantees them. Using the superior quality equipment, SMC stands out in the industry with its professionalism and dedication to its clients. And also offers various SMP training programs to train the novice as well as the certified professionals for the most-rewarding career of their lives. The people who have a knack for establishing themselves in this budding industry, SMP training programs will pave the way to success for them.

Consult the Scalp Micropigmentation Training Center now for any hair loss solutions or training programs.

SMC are able to travel anywhere in the world to complete this training, however, the cost of the flight and accommodations will be billed to the group. As well, we are able to train groups in Toronto, but if your location is not big enough to accommodate the training, we can find a facility big enough, and bill the group accordingly.

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