There are many reasons why a personwould have a scar on their head. A car accident, hair transplant surgery, medicalprocedures, or a major fall could all result in a cut, stitches, and possibly ascar. The cause might be different for everyone but the desire to hide it mightnot be so different. Whether you are a man or a woman, you may be looking for away to cover that unsightly scar. Now there is a way. You can get scarcamouflage in Canada and disguise that unwanted scar using ScalpMicropigmentation or SMP techniques.

Seek the help of an SMP Artist if youwant to hide an embarrassing scar on your scalp. Scalp Micropigmentation is techniquethat SMP specialists are using to camouflage a scar that appears on the scalp.A person who has a scar that they would like to reduce the appearance of,should schedule a consultation after 1 year of having the scar, or later. Athorough evaluation of the scalp and the scar will be completed. A patient canexpect to be educated on the Scalp Micropigmentation process and procedure, andwhat kind of results they can expect should they decide to undergo thetreatment. It’s important that the patient understand the procedure and haverealistic expectations in the results.

SMP Artists will use a delicateinstrument to insert thousands of simulated hair follicles, placing thousandsof pigmented dots on the hair line and in and around the scar. The patient canexpect the results to look like they just shaved their hair, or camouflage thescar within their own natural hair growth. In order to achieve the bestresults, this treatment may need to be performed more than once. On average,most patients will need 3 SMP SC (Scar Camouflage) treatments. Patients shouldalso know that it is possible to add pigmentation to a person’s skin. There are3 types of SMP treatments for differing patient situations. SMP (ScalpMicropigmentation) for those Men who are bald or balding and want the look of abuzz cut or freshly shaved head of hair.SMP HD (Hair Density) which gives Men and Women with thinning hair theability to add density and fullness to your natural hair. SMP SC (Scar Camouflage) which uses the sametechnique in order to camouflage scars as a result of hair transplant surgery,medical procedures or accidents. The SMP specialist should be able to answerany and all of your questions regarding each treatment, and provide the bestoption based on your own circumstances.

A patient should set up aconsultation with an SMP Artist, and not rely solely on positive or negativeSMP reviews. It is important tounderstand that this treatment is not a cure for baldness or a surgery thattakes a scar off of the skin. It is a procedure that camouflages a scar andtherefore reducing the look of it. Specialists of scar camouflage in Canada havehad great results with this procedure, and are positive that their patientswill be pleased with the look as well.

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