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Scalp micropigmentation, also referred to as Scalp Tattoo or Hair Tattoo, is a Hair Loss Treatment technique that is done all over the globe. This procedure is carried out by hair transplant surgeons, or those technicians and artists who have specific training in SMP or Hair Replication and are familiar with the procedure. Scalp micropigmentation is a modern method that requires using needles that are digitally managed, to apply health grade hypoallergenic color pigment onto the affected scalp. Conventional body tattoo uses ink, but Hair Tattoo is done using pigments that have been designed specially for this procedure, and do not affect the color like what happens in body tattoo. All pigments that are used in Hair Tattoo procedure are pharmaceutical quality; conform to the standards of EU Cosmetics Directive that was signed in 2008. The Scalp micropigmentation pigments have minerals that are of high quality, and have been microbiologically and dermatologically tested. These Hair Tattoo pigments are also germ-free, have zero type of synthetic preservatives, heavy metals or aromatic amines, and are hypoallergenic.

Even though Scalp micropigmentation may look like the same method to body tattooing, inks that are used in body tattooing do not undergo similar rigorous regulations and testing like what happens to Hair Tattoo pigments. Additionally, needles used in Hair Loss Treatment and body tattooing procedures are quite different, and the treatment depth also differs. The two procedures, body tattooing and Hair Tattoo both use needles for color implant and the similarities end there. Conventional body tattoo techniques usually change color once the ink has been implanted. For example, if a black color was used, it will look blue on the tattoo because of the migration and ink type used, and tissue level where the tattoo has been implanted. In Scalp micropigmentation procedure, replicated follicles of hair are usually implanted on the top layer of epidermis, and not at a deep level in the scalp.

This Hair Loss Treatment procedure, once carried out on the scalp, mostly lasts between 1 and 3 years. After the period is over, a patient needs to have a retouch or slight maintenance carried out to make sure that the treatment looks fine. We cannot really predict the span of time that the Hair Tattoo procedure will last, because the longevity mostly depends on an individual’s biology, lifestyle options and other factors that may affect the treatment. Scalp micropigmentation is multi-cure process that is done in sessions, and could take 2 to three of them to finalize. It takes 2 to 4 hours to finish depending on the area that needs to be cured and the degree of the hair loss. The Hair Loss Treatment procedure is usually painless since pigments are fixed on the epidermis only. It is recommended that the procedure should not take over four hours since irritation residual upsurge may occur and make the patient feel pain.

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