Covering a Scar

There is a fairly new procedure that has people talking. Scar camouflage in Canada is a unique way of covering up an unsightly scar. If you have a scar on your head that is embarrassing or makes you feel bad about yourself, help is available. Call today for a consultation and see if you are a good candidate for scar camouflage. During your consultation, a specialist will exam your scar, ask you several questions, and talk to you about your lifestyle.

They will need to know about your health history and any illnesses you may be dealing with. You can talk about how you got the scar, whether it be from an accident or a surgical procedure. During your consultation, you should ask any questions that you may have and voice your concerns. The specialist will answer your questions and then explain how the procedure works. At this point, you should be comfortable with the specialist and what the treatment is.

Scars on the scalp are camouflaged by a process called micropigmentation. Basically the procedure places thousands of micro dots on the scalp in specific patterns. The results are those similar to the look of a freshly shaved head.

Not all scars can be covered with the micropigmentation procedure but after a thorough examination during your consultation, the specialist will tell you if your scar can be covered.

Many people are turning to scar camouflage to help them with covering up a scar that was left over after surgery or an accident. The scar can cause a person to feel less about themselves and that is why scar camouflage in Canada is so very important. When a person agrees to the procedure, they may have to return for subsequent applications as the first one may not be enough. The pigmentation will last for years but in the future a person may need a touch up if the micro dots begin to fade. This is still a fantastic non-invasive procedure that has helped hundreds of people feel better about themselves. If you are looking for a way to cover a scar, call for your consultation and get started today. The sooner you schedule your procedure the sooner your scar will fade into the background.

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