SMP Training Course

September 20, 2016

Online Scalp Micropigmentation

Number of Participants

Max 3 Students

Course Date

September 4, 5, 6


9am – 5pm


$4,000.00 plus HST (13%) which includes:


The Scalp Micropigmentation Center, 1 Eglinton Ave East, Toronto, Ontario, M4P 3A1

Online Scalp Micropigmentation


Scalp Micropigmentation facility owners and artists have a responsibility to operate their facility under the structure of well-developed, up to date and principled procedures. It is important to note that if your Province or State has specific regulations regarding the operation of a permanent makeup or a tattoo business (whichever category SMP falls under in your Country, State or Province), these regulations should be included in your procedural policies. The following list of recommended procedures, taken from several Provincial and State requirements, is considered to be a general and responsible list of operating procedures. You should consult your Province or States Health Department to see if a required guideline exists for you. Process, procedures, requirement, permits, etc, vary from Province to Province and State to State. It is up to each student taking this course to examine all laws and obtain the proper permits and licenses, which are not included in this course.


Learning Outcomes

After studying the Scalp Micropigmentation course you should be able to;

  • Explain the typical operations associated with preparing for a procedure
  • Identify the environment and equipment used for the procedure
  • Describe the anatomy of the skin
  • Understand the science of the hair, explain common scalp conditions and describe the different types of moles that can be found on the scalp
  • Define the different types of hair loss
  • Explain the process of hair transplants
  • Understand Scalp Micropigmentation in detail
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Course Materials

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