Best Solution to Hair Loss: Scalp Micropigmentation and Hair Density Treatment

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP), which is also known as Hair Tattoo is the answer to your problem of hair loss. SMP is a painless procedure that is carried out on your scalp with natural pigments being applied at the epidermal level of your scalp. This Hair Replication procedure is done to imitate the normal look of actual hair follicles or strands, banking on the preferred look and the amount of hair loss. SMP can be carried out on any person without discriminating the color or skin type, the age, and the stage of hair loss. The Hair Replication procedure is done in three sessions and each session lasts between 3 to 4 hours, and a break of one week between each session is recommended. The SMP process is a slow but sure process where the infill of the hairline is done gradually, and with no one noticing even the closest family members or friends.

Scalp Micropigmentation does a lot of things to those who undergo the procedure. It gives you the look of a complete, young head of shortened hair. SMP reinstates hairlines on heads that are completely or part bald. Hair Replication procedure replicates a side, rear, or a full-front hairline, hiding burns, birthmarks or scars that are present on the scalp. SMP is able to hide scarring that may have resulted from previous hair removal surgery. Hair Replication hides enduringly any signs of all stages of alopecia. If you have a problem on your scalp and would like to hide it, then it is time to go for Scalp Micropigmentation, and also enhance the visual result of a hair removal. We have worked successfully with a large number of patients who are satisfied with the services that we offer. To assist you in getting the right SMP treatment, it is good for a scar assessment to be carried out in advance. After the assessment has been done, the surgeon will be in a position to let you know whether you require a Hair Replication procedure or a different type of treatment such as laser.

It is an important thing to find out how a scar on the scalp came about, in order for a successful Scalp Micropigmentation procedure to be carried out. SMP is only suitable for treatment of scalp scars that are over one year old and are completely healed. If you have a hypertrophic scar, then you need to get it treated first before undergoing an SMP procedure. This procedure is carried out on both men and women of all ages. The main advantage of Scalp Micropigmentation is that it gives a patient immediate result. You should not use a hat everyday because you have a big scar on your scalp that you are trying to hide from the public. Talk to us for an SMP quote that will change the way you look, and will restore your self esteem. The procedure is not expensive and it depends on the extent of the scar.

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