What is SMP Scalp Hair Tattoo and How Does It Work?

How Does having an SMP Scalp Hair Tattoo Work

Hair tattoos are an effective and quick method of dealing with cosmetic deformities on the scalp. As the name suggests, hair tattoos involve using a pigment on your scalp to create the illusion of a head full of hair follicles. The procedure is helping many men and women create a cosmetic cover-up for scalp problems like hair-loss and scarring.

What does Scalp Esthetica use to do SMP Scalp Hair Tattoo?

The equipment used to create hair tattoos is similar to the ones used by tattoo artists. However, the needles are thinner and shaped differently, the ink is not injected as deep and the kind of pigment used is different for making hair tattoos.

The people and institutions which specialize in hair tattoos pay a lot of attention in making the treatment look as natural as possible. Your natural arrangement of hair follicles is first analyzed, your hair color, hair density and other details like your hair line and bald spots are examined. The pigment, needle thickness and penetration angle are all decided from these parameters.

What is the final result of having an SMP Scalp Hair Tattoo

The treatment is non-surgical one and you will instantly see your head look like it is full of hair after getting hair tattoo. For men who choose to get hair tattoos, it looks like they have recently gotten a buzz-cut. Women who may use this procedure may make their head look a lot more fuller.

Are there any safety concerns from having SMP Scalp Hair Tattoo?

That depends upon where you get the treatment from. Ensure that the facility uses proper equipment for the treatment. All reputed specialists would ensure that they are using a brand new needle on each patient, and that the ink that they are using is specially crafted for the purpose of hair tattoos. It does not require the use of drugs, it is non-invasive and it does not even leave any scars.

Although hair tattoo is a cosmetic procedure, there are a series of post-procedural care that you would have to follow. Sun exposure, for example, must be limited as it may have an effect on the ink. Your specialist would give you detailed instructions on how to take care of your hair tattoo once it is done.

Where is the Best SMP Clinic in Toronto?

Scalp Esthetica is a proud partner of Scalp Aesthetics, the leaders in Scalp Micropigmentation SMP and SMP Hair Density Treatments for Men and Women suffering from Baldness or Thinning Hair.

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