An Outline of the Scalp Micropigmentation Training Program at SMC: Become a Certified Scalp Tattoo or Hair Tattoo Artist


(PRLEAP.COM) August 18, 2016 – Scalp Micropigmentation Training Centre (SMC) is the leader in SMP, SMP Hair Density and SMP Scar Camouflage Treatments in Canada. SMC is known as one of the best and the only clinic specializing in scalp tattoo, hair tattoo and hair density treatments for both men and women in Toronto. The experts here understand the pain of hair loss, scars, baldness or thinning hair, hence, they provide SMP services and training programs.

It’s very important to know what SMP is, before getting into the intricacies of the various training in SMP, scalp tattoo and hair tattoo. SMP is the latest technique of depositing pigment (color) into the interior layer of the skin on the scalp. This treatment gives an impression of a ‘buzz cut’ or recently shaved look which smartly covers the bald head and sets a style statement in the generation. SMP treatment has to consider many things like the age, skin type, skin color and the intensity of thinning hair, balding, alopecia and camouflaging scars.

SMC is proud of its achievements which range from delivering services to its clients to offering various training and certification programs to the mass who are looking forward to being a part of this budding industry. So, if you’ve a knack for learning SMP, hair tattoo or scalp tattoo, SMC is the right choice for you. After all, they are the industry experts. To know about the training programs in details, keep reading below:

1. The Online SMP Training Program

The best part of this program is that one can learn everything about SMP in one’s own space and at one’s own comfort zone. It is the most appropriate course for all the beginners as well as the experienced ones for its convenience. This program includes Blood Borne Pathogen Certification, Skin and Hair Loss Lessons, Quizzes and SMP practice modules. These modules consist of an online system where the students submit the pictures of their work to the Master SMP Artist for evaluation. After which the Master assesses the work and requests for a resubmission if required or else passes off the student to the next module. After the completion of all the modules successfully, the candidate is given the Certificate of Attendance. And if the student is already a certified makeup artist, medical esthetician or tattoo artist with one year or more experience, he or she doesn’t need to take the intensive SMP training program. The candidates who already have experience can straight away finish the final module which includes working on three clients or 20 hours of self practice in order to receive the Certificate of Completion. With this Certificate, one can work as a Certified SMP Artist and get featured on the SMC website.

Sometimes, if the Master feels that the online training course is not enough for a candidate, he or she will be asked to attend an in-class SMP training session. Also, note that full payment is essential when applying for this training program.

2. The Online SMP Training & Three Day Intensive SMP Training Program

This program is for the students who are novices or who have little experience in tattoo, PMU, Medical Esthetics or any other medical related expertise. This program is a three-day course which ensures the candidates’ capabilities from consultation to aftercare for SMP. After passing this course, the candidates will still be eligible to pass the final module. After which, with the acquired Certificate one can work or partner with SMC, and get referrals sent to them directly by The Scalp Micropigmentation Center who gets hundreds of calls a month. Each student that joins the SMC family becomes part of one of the largest network of SMP Artists in the world!

3. Three Day SMP Training Program

This is an intensive program which ensures one-on-one training session with the Master SMP artist. If a candidate feels that he or she needs more training and guidance then this course is apt for him or her. This program will offer more opportunity to learn and grow in a group of three to excel in this field. It has limited days and times per month, so booking this program early is advisable.

4. Group Scalp Micropigmentation Training Program

For this program, the candidates must complete online training SMP course. This is suitable for the staff of Medical Clinic, Hair Transplant Clinic and so on where different professionals come together to understand the principals of SMP and are able to perform SMP treatment. This takes place with not more than eight people per training session.

The above-mentioned training programs are provided by SMC for a rewarding career in this field. So, if you’re interested, get in touch with us now.

5) Continuing SMP Training Education

The students’ training doesn’t just end after their final module submissions, and once they get their Certificate of Completion as an SMP Artist. In fact, your education is just starting. You will be part of a private Facebook group for SMC students where you can safely post your pictures, videos, ask questions about SMP, troubleshoot with the Master SMP Artist and other students. You will be able to see live treatments on Facebook Live, and have your questions answered live. Our Master SMP Artist will continuously show new techniques and equipment and supplies and how to use them through live feeds or videos. Your success is our success, thus, it is very important for SMC that you are not only successful throughout the SMP Training Course, but that you are successful in your business practice, as our name and reputation is on the line.

The cost of our SMP Training Program is not an expense; it is an investment into your future.

To view our course selections and dates and times available for in-office SMP training, please visit our Scalp Micropigmentation Training Calendar.

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